LINK Committee

LINK is run by a Management Committee with an Annual General Meeting held  in July each year.

The officers and committee for 2020/2021 are:

Chairman; Susan Hatton

Vice-Chairman: David Moore

Secretary: Pam Farmer

Treasurer: Roger Eaton

Volunteer Recruitment & Support Officer: Lee Towler

Publicity Officer: Steve Drew

Client Co-ordinator: Susan Hatton

Assistant Events Organiser: Pam Farmer

Assistant Treasuer: Susan Hatton

Colerne Representative: Polly Squires

Rudloe Representative: David Moore

Committee Member: Chris Ward

Box Parish Representative: Sid Gould

To contact any of the officers, just ring the LINK number 07970 617617 and the co-ordinator will put you in touch.

Honorary President: Dr Janet Bjorn

Honorary Vice President: Jacky Nicholas.