AGM 2021 2

The picture shows Box, Colerne and Rudloe LINK having its AGM and lunch in the Colerne Village Hall on 28th October. Chair of Trustees, Susan Hatton, reported to members that it had been a difficult year for LINK with several issues facing the service at the start of the pandemic, the first being that many drivers were in the over 70 age group, and judged to be vulnerable and told to self-isolate. The second issue was that with hospitals being overwhelmed with cases of Covid 19, almost all routine appointments were cancelled, and the LINK phone stopped ringing virtually overnight.

Fortunately, a small number of younger drivers and some co-ordinators kept the service running for the journeys that were still necessary. As lockdowns eased, were re-imposed and eased again we had some older drivers agreeing to resume driving and now about two thirds of the driving team is operational again.

AGM 2021

This photo showing Chairman Susan Hatton addressing the AGM. Just to show the effect the pandemic has had, in 2019 we undertook 1668 journeys and other tasks, and in 2020 this was reduced to 440 and the miles our drivers travelled went from 21,749 in 2019 to 8,706 in 2020.

Three of our Trustees holding the essential roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer have been in post longer than the time specified in our Constitution, mainly due to the disruption in our operations caused by the Covid pandemic. All three, are willing to continue until our next AGM in July 2022 to enable their replacements to join the committee to facilitate a smooth transition. We urgently need people to come forward for a role as a Trustee of LINK to ensure that the Charity can continue to provide the essential service of transport to medical facilities for residents in Box, Colerne and Rudloe.

One of the features of our LINK scheme has been the outings which our clients enjoy, and these have been cancelled for almost 18 months. However, we are pleased to report that two are now planned in the run up to Christmas, a visit to Lowden Garden Centre on 16 November and a Film on 15 December in Box Pavilion.

We are very grateful to everyone who helped to keep our service running from March last year and unlike some Wiltshire LINK schemes which didn’t keep operating, rather like the Windmill Theatre in London during the Second World War, WE NEVER CLOSED!

If you need our help or would like to become a volunteer please ring 07970 617617..